Monday, February 1, 2010

Key Advantages of Callme Widget

Here below are few of the reasons about how the Callme Widget can benefit you & your business or personal correspondence:

  • Talk to your web visitors by allowing them to reach you with just one click free of cost
  • Boost your conversion rate by offering free calling option to your web visitors on their regular phone eliminating the use of any headset
  • Allow your sales representatives to be available for interaction with your potential customers
  • Offer a free calling across the globe option to your potential buyers
  • Decide from which global location you would like to be contacted
  • Schedule when you wish to attend calls or forward calls to voicemail inbox
  • Never publish your phone number ever again
  • No monthly or set up cost and pay as per your usage at competitive low international calling rates
  • No downloads or installation required
  • Calls come on your pre-defined telephone no. You don’t need to be online to attend the calls from your Callme Widget
  • Works with any phone across the globe
  • Online account management options to retrieve your call details, statistics etc
  • Simple solution directing your web visitors to one phone number
  • No reservations for the web visitor to use the option to reach since the charges are being incurred to the facilitator
Register your Callme button right away and we will credit your account with $1 worth talk time.

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