Sunday, April 4, 2010

Callme Widget

Callme Widget is an ingenious cutting edge communication bridge between you and your web visitors who can reach you instantly at no cost to them. You can add your Callme Widget on your email signature, website, blog etc allowing web visitors to simply type in their phone number and hit the Callme button to instantly trigger a call to their phone absolutely free of cost! Once the call is answered our system will then connect the call to you or your representative instantly on any phone including mobile & landline as well as the WhizTalk Desktop Client. Callme Widget is an effective marketing tool which enables instant 1-on-1 communication. The tool can be very effective in boosting online sales as well as making you available 24/7 to your esteemed clients/customers no matter where you are across the globe. You can customize your Callme Widget to suit the look & feel of your website or personalize your email signature. Sign up for a free WhizCall Desktop Client account & we will credit $1 worth talk time credit.

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