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Mobile.WhizCall.Com is simplicity & ease.

Log in from any phone with data connection and trigger an international call!

If you have an International Unified Number, Mobile.WhizCall.Com is the way forward It simplifies your international calling experience and brings you closer to your global customers.

Simply Log in to your WhizCall online account from your mobile and enter the desired destination number. In a click you will receive a call back on your default call back number. When you answer the call, WhizCall will connect you to your desired destination number. Data connection charges applicable from your local mobile operator.

Address Book

Mobile.WhizCall.Com also offers you your online address book to stay connected with your contacts at ease!

You can import & sync your MS Outlook Contacts on the latest WhizCall 1.6 DC on your computer to have them available on your Mobile WhizCall Version.

Once your contacts are imported, you simply need to search the contact from the Address Book Tab on the Mobile.WhizCall.Com latest release.

+ DC Desktop Client

Set Call Back

To Set a Call Back Number, simply click on the “Set Call Back” tab. All the call back numbers that you have configured on your WhizCall 1.6 DC will be available and accordingly you can trigger an international or an outgoing call.

The process to add Call Back Numbers will be only from the WhizCall 1.6 DC version on your computer. You can assign a different Call Back number and use it for 24 hours in seconds. Within these 24 hours, our verification team will verify and authenticate the new call back number request. Once the verification is done, your new call back number is configured and ready on your mobile as well!

The verification process ensures that your account is free from any misuse.

We soon plan to release the upgraded mobile version that will offer audio conferencing right from your mobile.

Till then continue with the Whiz experience!

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