Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Global Address Book with WhizCall

Tutorial Global Address Book WhizCall v1.63

WhizCall v1.63 comes with the Global Address Book that allows you to carry your contacts worldwide.
Just click on the Global Address Book icon right below the “Call To: section” also shown on this video. Your WhizCall Global Address Book includes features like:
Add New ContactsImport ContactsSync Your Contacts with your Global Address Book
Global Address Book is all your contacts including your Outlook Contacts with you on your mobile on the web anytime no matter where you are.
Simply log in to your WhizCall account and access all your contacts from one single platform letting you the ease & convenience of global telecommunication.
If you are traveling, you can now roam International with your mobile and make an international outgoing or calls to over 100 destinations globally and save a fortune!
To Add Contacts:
Click on the Add Contacts tab and fill in the information for your contact.
Choose to Import & Sync Contacts with Global Address BookClick on the tab as shown and allow WhizCall to import and sync you Outlook contacts with your Global Address Book or your WhizCall account.
Once done, all your contacts are available with you no matter where you are or what device you are carrying including all OS for PC, mobile & Blackberry.
Import & Sync Contacts including MS Outlook with Global Address Book. What is a Global Address Book?
Travel with your contacts with your mobile no matter where you are. You don’t change your phone or SIM?
Simply follow the prompts while importing and choosing to synchronize all your contacts with WhizCall as shown in the video.
Once your contacts have been successfully imported, they will be available as shown here on the video.
To call click on any of these contacts and the details of their home, mobile office numbers will be shown. Choose one and click Dial.
To make an outgoing international call, we have two options as shown here:
Phone to PhonePC to Phone
Phone to Phone will call you on your number and when you answer the call will be connected to the desired contact’s number.
With PC to Phone, you can choose to talk free with another WhizCall user worldwide from your PC plugged with a headset.
The destination number could be a land line or mobile as well with attractive international call rates.
It’s the network we will give you that will change the way you communicate!

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