Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WhizCall: PC to Phone Calls

PC to Phone:

Once you have installed WhizCall, your account will have a credit of $1 worldwide talk time credit.

Use your keyboard to dial the numbers or you can use the dial pad on your WhizCall.

You can also import your outlook contacts and sync them with your Global Address Book.

You can download WhizCall to any computer in the world to access your Global Address Book.

You can also access your Global Address Book from the web via www.callmyworld.com

Simply type in your contacts first few alphabets like for Smith, just type “Sm”. WhizCall will give you options for Smith or anything starting with Sm……

Once you have your desired number added included with the international country code in this format “918886133190”, click on the Call tab

WhizCall will initiate your call from your computer to the desired destination number.

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