Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free International Calls

The latest buzz in the international calling market is the arrival of CallMyWorld.Com offering you a multitude of international calling options at really affordable rates. Sign up for a free account with $1 International talk time credit and start talking!

So what can you spend your free credit on?

Cheap International Calls

We’re always working to lower our rates, but we don’t sacrifice call quality to do it! You can check our latest rates on our website at, but here are a few of our popular destinations:

India 0.0166 $/min

Pakistan 0.09 $/min

Bangladesh 0.06 $/min

United Arab Emirates 0.22 $/min

Singapore 0.0166 $/min

China 0.0166 $/min

Mexico 0.0166 $/min

UK 0.0166 $/min

International Calls from your PC or Mobile

With WhizCall PC Client you can make cheap international calls using your PC and Internet connection, or even an iPhone, Nokia, or other modern mobile without any download or installation. Just visit from your data enabled mobile phone browser and trigger an international call in seconds.

International Incoming Numbers

Get your International Incoming Numbers in over 20 countries across the globe. These appear just like normal land line numbers except you can forward them to your existing land line or mobile anywhere in the world! Find out more at


If you have any questions about WhizCall and how to use it, please visit our online tutorial section here

You can also drop us a mail at for any queries.

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