Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Try WhizCall for International Calls from CallMyWorld.Com

Try WhizCall for International Calls from CallMyWorld.Com

With WhizCall PC Client you can make cheap international calls via your PC using Internet connection, or even an iPhone, Nokia, or other modern mobile without any download or installation. Just visit from your data enabled mobile phone browser and trigger an international call in seconds.

WhizCall Web Version unifies all forms of Internet Communications into one, easy to use browser based calling platform that runs on just about any computer, and requires no installation or downloads.

Register your default call back number on your WhizCall Web platform to activate your call back services that will allow you to initiate an international call right from your mobile without any installation or download.

Log in to your WhizCall Web account and choose the Phone to Phone Calling option. Enter the desired destination on the Call to section and click on the call button. WhizCall instantly calls you on your default call back number and when you answer the call, WhizCall will then connect you to your desired destination number

Initiate a Conference session with up to 6 participants including the host right from your web browser. No download, No installation required. Simply log in to your WhizCall account and trigger a conference session with a multitude of calling options

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