Monday, July 19, 2010

WhizCall: Callme Button for email signature, blogs, website, networking!

Click2Call Technology is fast becoming the pace for one-on-one communication between the seller & the buyer or between you & your contacts. It all depends how you have actively promoted your business or your social networking profile to get the maxi responses or views across the mushrooming web world.

is aimed exactly for the very purpose of simplifying the process of communication and giving an instant bridge between the buyer & the seller at the expense of the seller. In simple terms I can include my signature with the WhizCall button or widget from office email address so that my contacts can simply click on my signature to reach me on my mobile phone at my expense!

My profile as a content writer demands me to be in touch with my bosses, friends, networking for business development & so on. WhizCall has allowed me the put a button on my email signature, my blogs, and my social networking profile like, LinkedIn.Com, Facebook.Com, iGoogle.Com, Yahoo.Com & others. It connects me to my mobile or land line number from any part of the world instantly in just a few clicks.

Think in terms of business productivity for a web site owner who offers directory services to various traders & exporters. It will allow easy hotel reservations for international customers who can simply visit the hot website and click on the WhizCall button to be easily connected with the hotel front desk 24/7 for reservations & customer support.

It’s an incredible after sales support reach that businesses can provide to their customers. Next time I write an email to one of my clients, I would like to keep a channel of communication open between my clients & customers, networking leads by simply offering the option to click on the WhizCall button and get connected to me in real-time!

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