Monday, December 27, 2010

India Value Plans

CMW (CallMyWorld) gives you yet again another great international calling plan to India with the introduction of the India Value Plan @ 15 and India Value Plan @ 30 with call charges to India for as low as 1.5 cents/minutes from any registered US based land-line CLI.

With 30 days validity, both plans offers unparalleled rich international calling experience to India for a fraction of a cost while you take maximum advantage of its excellent audio quality network with zero redundancy. Both the India Value Plan @ 15 and India Value Plan @ 30 facilitates long distance international calling to not only India, over 1000 more international destinations globally including South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Standard international calling rates apply for these locations other than India and you can refer to our online international rates from our website by clicking here below:

You can add up to 5 US based registered CLI to trigger your long distance calls to India from any land-line phone across the United States via the state-of-the-art network of local access phone numbers. Simply dial in any local access numbers listed on our web site, follow the IVR prompt for the very first time to configure your account with the pin-less dialing feature and enjoy uninterrupted international calls to any phone in India including both mobile & land-line across any carrier network.

Our dedicated friendly customer support team is available for assistance twenty four by seven three sixty five days a year to assist you in any way possible via on-demand instant chat and phone based  communication network. is a fully owned subsidiary of located in CHAM Switzerland. is committed to develop faster, better and more affordable technologies that improve the communications of people worldwide.

For more details click here below:

For a complete list of our US based Local Access Numbers, click here below:

You can also refer to our FAQ section for more details of our latest India Value Plans here below:
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