Friday, August 12, 2011

From Canada to India @ Zero Cost!

Sounds outrageously true!

Just install the VOO internet calling device to your internet connection and send the other device as a gift to your India location for the same cost.

Next time you want to call, pick up the phone and talk unlimited @ zero cost!

You pay a flat monthly charge to enjoy cheap calling to other global destinations from the same account.

So from Canada to India or cheap calling to almost anywhere across the globe with the VOO internet calling device. One for you, one for your loved one & both for the same cost!

If this sounds a little out of reach in terms of flexibility and the ability to call from anywhere using any phone and with no internet connection, we have unlimited global calling plans that works by simply dialing a local international calling access number and follow up with the desired destination account paying affordable international calling rates.

Then you got flat monthly fixed price global calling plan that gives you unlimited international calling to over 1000 destinations including India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Denmark, Sweden and more under fair usage policy that truly gives you desirable & satisfiable cap to talk your heart out from business to personal calls.

No per minute charges, just a monthly flat fee is all you need to go big on savings on international calls!

If you are a smart phone user, well just download the in-house developed apps that intelligently uses your smart phone carrier's data network to give you international calls from your smart phone device at a quarter of your current smart phone international calls.

To know more about calling Canada from India right away, come visit us here:

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