Friday, August 5, 2011

Smart Phone International Calling

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Go Unlimited Go!

Unlimited Global Calling from your smart phone using affordable data carrier network

Global Calling Plans from CMW are simple. Pay as you go with no worries with solution from CMW that intelligently uses your smart phone carrier’s data network & trigger 1-click international calls to simple dial in access numbers using payphones or mobile phones across prime US locations for travelers & adventurers traveling the vast continental land of the free.  

With the announcement of Gingerbread for Nexus S by Google, the competition for smart phone dominance has arrived to new heights of market capture & the rush for the grab at the share of the pie!

CMW Unlimited Global Calling Plan may sound just like any other service provider but we as a responsible service provider are doing our bit in ensuring that the message is not the share of profit but the delight in the convenience, ease & feasibility.

CMW smart phone applications works great on any smart phone from Android OS, Blackberry OS to the latest iPhone 4 and the forthcoming starrer iPhone 5 are the way in to the future of smart phone experience that collaborate unified communication to unified collaboration promises from the not so distant tomorrow.

From 1-Click Smart Phone International dialing for all three blackberry, android OS & iPhone 4 OS to click-to-call international calling widgets that delivers automated pre-scheduled web based multi dial outs including account PIN authentication, CMW knows how to cover the leaps of technology and keep pace it the advent of new innovation in mobile unified collaboration using 4G Technology.

We see to it that the future arrives on schedule for you by building innovative smart phone applications from tomorrow’s world for you.

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