Friday, August 19, 2011

Truly Unlimited Calling

CallMyWorld.Com global calling solutions not only give you absolute value on your international calls, it makes calling more intriguing and engaging with a range of customer appreciation products like free referral bonus minutes for every new sign up made from your referral using CMW Referral Bonus program.

Over 1000 destinations across 36 countries is more than an evident fact to proclaim CallMyWorld.Com resilient & diverse global network for international calling via pay-as-you-go prepaid global calling plans starting for as low as $5 guarantying over 100 international talk-time minutes to locations like India from the US.

CMW Referral Bonus programs gives you 10 bonus points for every new successful sign up made from your referral & manage all your bonus points via your online account, where you can redeem your accumulated bonus points into international talk-time credit. Accumulate up to 10 referrals or 100 bonus points and enjoy free one-month subscription valued at $24.99 by redeeming your referral bonus points.

You can further more use the same CMW Global Calling account to call additional destinations that are not included with your Unlimited Global Calling Plan by adding extra credit starting as low as $5 at standard international calling rates. For the details of CMW International Calling Rates, please refer to the following location -

Monthly Unlimited Global Calling Plans from CMW are available for a monthly flat fee and give away truly unlimited international calling from any phone across the US & Canada with a range of convenient features like PIN-less dialing to auto-account recharge reminder when your talk-time balance reaches a predetermined low balance reminder.

Destinations covered with the CMW Unlimited Global Calling Plan include India, China, Singapore, etc again ensuring that you get maximum mileage with your global calling account that does not requires any internet connections or expensive IP devices. Just pick up any from including pay phones from across US & Canada, authenticate your account and dial away internationally in just seconds!

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