Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unified Numbering 4 Social Network Profiles

Unified Numbering Solutions are cost-effective calling platforms to call anywhere in the world at cost-effective international calling rates with virtual PBX solutions. Go big on savings for your long distance telephone bills with an array of additional features like call transferring, call rerouting and call forwarding to your voicemail account. 

Alternatively, via “find me follow me” technology that will pursue your availability on other phone numbers that you have configured if the primary phone number is unanswered after a pre-configured interval of 4-5 rings!

Instant intelligent notification from your voicemail to your e-mail ID for all incoming calls made on your global unified number integrated with your website, social networking profile, blogs & more web based repositories making yourself available 24/7!

For business owners and professionals, PBX solutions will move organizations to avail innumerable benefits associated with your unified number, contrary to the previous modes of communication. With unified numbering integrated to your social networking profiles, website & blogs, you will ensure that you are ready for interaction with your live website visitors. Callers looking to get in touch with you will simply dial a local access number for their location and follow up with your Global PBX Number.

CallMyWorld.com PBX solution offers will help to reduce your monthly long distance telephone charges with pristine voice quality feature and a range of other value added services to demonstrate the concept of unified number and integration of the same with your website, blogs or social networking profiles.

Global PBX Numbers or Unified Numbering is a service that is offered through Internet telephony promising to integrate social networking platforms, websites, forums & blogs to interact with online visitors, customers and leads in real time at controlled cost-effective international calling charges.

Some of the standard features that come included with your unified numbering package from CallMyWorld.Com are:

  • International Personal Number (free service)
  • Voicemail Inbox (free service)
  • Call Forwarding to Cell Phones (Paid Service)
  • Call Forwarding to Fixed Landlines (Paid Service)
  • Find Me Follow Me

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