Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reach Me International Numbers Add On(s): Part II

Continuing further from our last post “Reach Me International Business Numbers (Part I)”, we look further into the integration of anywhere or on-the-go office concept with the dynamics of technology like direct inward dialing solutions, click-to-call and advanced call forwarding as well as products like the WhizCall PC Client for instant PC-to-Phone calling at affordable international call rates.

WhizCall PC Client:
WhizCall PC Client is a PC-to-Phone calling application that allows you to trigger a call back to your landline or mobile phone which then connects you to your desired destination number across the globe.

Simply enter the destination number and our system will immediately trigger a call to your mobile or landline that you have configured. Once you answer the call, another call is triggered to the desired destination number.

You can also use WhizCall to trigger simple PC-to-Phone as well as PC-to-PC calls.

WhizCall Firefox Add On:
WhizCall Firefox is a browser based click to call feature that converts all numbers displayed on a webpage into clickable links. WhizCall triggers a callback to your mobile or landline number and when the call is answered, another call is triggered to the destination number. It’s a convenient hassle free feature that keeps you connected with just one click right from your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Callme Widget:
Your Callme Widget gives you the niche and advantage for your Email Signature, website, your social networking profile or your business associates to reach you by simply clicking on the Call Me button and entering the phone number where they wish to receive the call. Immediately a call is triggered to you and once you answer the call another call is triggered to your desired destination number.

WhizCall MS Outlook Plug In:
Convert all the phone numbers on your MS Outlook contacts list into clickable links and trigger a call right from your address book with just a simple click. So the next time you wish to make a call from your MS Outlook address book you simply click on the number.

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