Friday, October 14, 2011

VOIP Conferencing from CallMyWorld.Com

The process will be simple starting with the user signing up for an account and we provide them with a verification mail along with a pass code. Click the verification URL & the user will be taken to the CallMyWorld.Com VOIP Conference page where they will be asked to provide the pass code provided on the email. 

Enter the pass code and the users will be assigned their own chat room number. They can invite others to join in and enjoy community based VOIP chat conferencing by ensuring that their laptop or smart phone device is connected with a headset for a seamless VOIP conferencing experience!

With this feature, three or more people can have a real-time voice based conversation using data connectivity based upon Real Time Voice Mixing allowing you to feel like all of you are sitting in a single conference room and having a conversation.

To join a VOIP Conference chat room, send an invitation with your unique chat room no. The invitee will dial a local access no and punch in the chat room no to join the chat conferencing.

Ø  Create Invitations:
Ø  Conference Room Details with your PIN (pass code)
Ø  No of Participants
Ø  Subject of Conference
Ø  Time & Date
Ø  Your Name / Email Address / Contact Number


  • Use either your mobile, landline phone or even our VOIP Client to log in to our VOIP Chat Conferencing network.
  • No cost for setting up a dedicated conference room
  • No contract for minimum amounts of usage
  • No time commitments
  • Invite people into a conference call at any time day or night
  • Your conference room can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • During the conversation or conferencing, you will be able to record the conversation into wave (.wav) file for later play back.
  • Set-up a dedicated conference room, you can record a welcome announcement that will be heard by all participants as they enter a conference. This makes the user experience for your invited participants friendlier, giving them added confidence that they are in the right place.


Improved Decision Making:
Get all the right people involved at the same time

Improved Time Management:
Reduce traveling time and attend more meetings.

Improved Communications:
Get your message across quicker and receive instant feedback.

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